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Discover Scotland's
Protected Places

Our country is one of stunning natural beauty, steeped in history, mystery and drama. Scotland has an exceptional wealth of treasures to discover, from our astonishing wildlife to our world-renowned cultural legacy. These natural and historical heritages are closely interwoven, each influencing and leaving their mark on the other across the many landscapes of this land.

What a rich and varied country to explore... and Scotland's Protected Places lets you do just that.

Protected places in focus

Protected Places in focus

The Protected Places explained

You can find out more about the main protected places by choosing one of the options below.

Protected Natural places in Scotland

Experience the unforgettable sights, sounds and smells of Scotland's natural world. And, of course, be inspired to return again.
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Protected Historic places in Scotland

Experience Scotland's extraordinary history, myths, legends and magic. And, of course, be inspired to return again.
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Explore Scotland's Protected Places

Use the interactive map to explore and discover some of Scotland's natural and historic protected places.

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